Dream Maker

by c-x design

Projet Description

With a house in your life The elegance and romance Each brick and tile are like a poetry Each tree and grass matters When mountain rain comes, clouds upon the river rise Birds sing, flowers smile The window in the small yard opens Heaven and earth will hold your mind and soul
01First floor
A cluster of plain and elegant Jiangnan Chinese architecture Skimming through the sugarcane ridges, empty walls, scattered greens Open the door you will see full of modern elements which distinctively collides with the outside style The bold switch among the time, space and material Forms the first impression of it Step into the sitting room The folding screen on one side brings a sense of space to the room The design of a retractable dining-table Takes the center stage It's a cozy place for families to gather around Push-pull window and semi-open kitchen Easily solve the problem of lighting When the sunshine comes in through the shutters Even the surface of the reddish-brown walls reflects a full gentle breath The olive-green soft clad background wall of the first-floor guest bedroom echoes the landscape of the courtyard Vitality, hope, vitality Professional design should be complemented by good meanings without doubt
02 Second floor
Considering the high slope of the house structure The designer took a bold step to reshape the space Integrate walk-in cloakroom with master bedroom in one large space The morning glance across the balcony What catches your eye is the green of the courtyard If the master bedroom is the rising sun in the morning The lake was calm in the evening The ripples on the lake are cleverly represented by the Great Wall board
03 Ground Floor
Different from the heavy color’s upstairs The underground space is particularly fresh and refined The design of one step one scene Fully displayed in the pearl ash embedded hallway Arched ceiling home theater without main light abandons the traditional stereotyped label of "beauty" Acts up to this mature but inclusive color pursues the colorful spiritual world of the homeowner The other side of the living room Created a unique Home Bar This corner of wine and inspiration is also the epitome of the host's attitude towards life Peach and Plum Spring Breeze project is not the host's first residence, leisure is its main function. Therefore, master Xie does not accord with the Chinese style of Jiangnan water town, but seeks a sense of balance between modern high-level design and classical Chinese environment. His pursuit is people-oriented and provide a city vacation villa where the occupied owner can talk, interact, and relax with family and friends in his free time.

c-x design