Design of Suning global 49 floor office building

by Hongmei Jiang/Hongquan Chen/Cao Qing

Projet Description

Suning Global Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in real estate development. It is characterized by a steady and practical enterprise, which is not old-fashioned or old-fashioned, but a kind of tolerance and a sense of stability and massiness left by time. But it also needs fresh blood, jumping colors, open space and free comfort. In this case, black and white gray tone as the main body, local embellishment, low saturation color as embellishment, so that the space is not so dull and rigid. In the design style into the sense of science and technology, modern sense, fashion sense, let Suning global this "old" enterprise new life.

Hongmei Jiang/Hongquan Chen/Cao Qing