Design of PengYue Hotel

by Linzi Li

Projet Description

The name of "Pengyue" comes from Confucian classics It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. People don't know but don't sulk, don't also call gentleman;
In ancient times, the word "friend" was originally the name of currency. The ancients used ropes to wear shells as the most primitive currency for barter exchange. Five shells were one "friend", which later extended to the word "friend". It just shows that only by understanding cooperation, working together to create wealth and life value, can we become a long-term and real "friend";
In addition to pleasure, the word "Yue" also means "appreciation". I think the word "Peng Yue" best describes the culture of our hotel at the beginning.
At the beginning, it was because of the acquaintance of such a few friends that we attracted a group of people. Because of our mutual affinity, we gathered together to start a business, share our achievements, and make progress hand in hand. Therefore, we finally became real "friends" and gained a happy and meaningful life;
With the existence of "friend" Hotel, we hope that she is a window to make more friends. We think that in this society, there must be a group of people with the same temperament and common aspirations who will get together because of fate, and "friend" is such a quiet place that you have been waiting for.
If there is a safe space for you to get together in your spare time, relieve your pressure, relax your mind for a short time, and become a harbor for you to rest, I think this is our greatest success and harvest;
I hope you will come to this city with "Pengyue". You will no longer feel lonely and strange, because with a group of friends like us, we have been striving to be the best of ourselves and looking forward to getting along with you. I think this is the value and significance of our existence every day after the birth of "Pengyue"!
Therefore, I think this space should be "safe and comfortable", which makes people feel natural, kind and exquisite.
This is my expectation for the design of the whole "friend Yue" hotel;

Linzi Li