Decoration Scheme Design of Juanya Medical Beauty Center

by Shanghai Qintian Construction&Decoration Co.,LTD

Project Description


Shanghai Qintian Construction&Decoration Co.,LTD

Shanghai Qintian Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd(QAPG). is mainly engaged in decoration of hotels,shopping malls, stores, offices, exhibition halls and counters of branded vendors. The Company owns a perfect organizational structure and complete quality system. With excellent concept of decoration and international firstclass performance level of decoration as well as self-sustaining and self-supervisory supporting professional factory, costs can be effectively controlled to ensure the perfect implementation of the project. The Company takes the “spirit of workmanship” as the concept of construction, relies on the outstanding design strength and technology, strictly enforces the whole-process standards, and focuses on solving the whole-process project construction solution for customers and creates value for them.
The company has a number of highly-competent and skilled technicians and supporting professionals, a professional production team with strong teamwork awareness and collaboration spirit. We firmly believe that arduous efforts must be exerted for every innovative concept from implementation to completion, so engineers are striving for excellence with respect to every link and every detail. We are able to meet the business needs of our customers depending on their business operation and design. We are committed to “punctuality and budget compliance” for our customers so that the project can be implemented and our customers can gain higher return on investment.