Dachuang Nursery Office Space in Changzhi City

by Chang Pu

Projet Description

With the development of society, environmental design is becoming more and more open and diversified. The openness and inclusiveness of the space structure and the aesthetic conception full of creative ideas continue to permeate into the design. Dachuang nursery is an office space providing entrepreneurial space for modern college students. Its core concept is openness, inclusiveness, innovation, acceptance and win-win cooperation. Therefore, this case does not stick to a design technique, but uses the combination of special-shaped space structure to reflect the inclusiveness and acceptance of modern college students. This design space not only has a certain sense of domain and privacy, but also has mutual communication with the large space, so as to meet the needs of groups and individuals in the large space. Through the simple materials to create a bright space form, the use of simple design elements for comparison, showing a modern fashion image, the application of the whole space materials and the combination of color and lighting, all reflect the modern, simple, clear design features, not only meet the needs of the office, but also reflect the modern and aesthetic decoration.

Chang Pu