by Ye Lijin

Project Description

Green mountains and green waters, back to the basics.
Let the return of the situation become so pure.
Let life come back to the way it was.
Feel the fun of the countryside, breathe the breath of fireworks in the world.....
This case is located in the Wanfenglin 4A Scenic Area of Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, with a unique karst landform, beautiful and quiet natural environment and a unique climate of Guizhou like spring in all seasons, attracting many people living from other places. Just as more than 400 years ago, Xu Xiake, a Ming Dynasty traveler and geographer, once praised it: "There are so many peaks in the world, only here the peaks become forests." The peak of Conglomerate, majestic for thousands of miles, is a strange victory in the southwest. "Just make the most extreme explanation and imagination for Wan Fenglin's magnificent momentum and ghostly work.
With the development of sojourning, homeowners take advantage of the natural environment to create a business model of self-living and homestay. Let the busy people in the city slow down, embrace nature, reshape the warm emotions between people and the countryside, people and nature, and experience the ideal quality of life in their hearts.
When desire spills into every corner of the city, making people tired and helpless, they inadvertently fall in love with this natural and quiet courtyard. Use this comfortable space to calm the impetuous mind, let everything return to simplicity, and live this life in your favorite way in this unique world. Let the skin feel every substance in nature most intuitively, so that the soul can be comforted...

Ye Lijin

China Interior Registered Senior Designer
Member of the International Interior Decoration Association
He has been engaged in indoor space research for more than 20 years.
Design expertise: clubhouse space, family residence, villa mansion, real estate model house
【Design Concept】
Function first, line formula second.
The design is inspired by the perception of life;
With my extreme passion and dedication to interior decoration, I continue the unremitting and arduous accumulation and precipitation of the founders, and examine and pursue it with unremitting self-improvement and continuous self-transcendence.