City pub • brewing site

by E.D.S.T.

Projet Description

Design Description: the brewing site is a brewing brewery. The facade of the project adopts a whole piece of floor glass, which makes the indoor environment echo with the outdoor red brick, forming a rough and warm atmosphere. The blend of the internal and external environment not only weakens the boundary, but also shows a welcoming posture. The linear light belt inside also projects the scene and light into the city, which will make the night of relaxation and leisure Life spreads out to the city.
In the construction of space, we take the main body of brewing beer, the wine can, as the visual center, so that it has both functionality and aesthetic taste. As the carrier of space extension, the copper tube shows the technicality of brewing beer, arouses the curiosity of customers about beer culture, attracts people's attention, produces topics, and forms a gathering center.
Wine can be the beginning of a story, and the process here depends on who the person is. At the brewing scene, we are waiting for the people who use their time to compose stories together with the interesting owners.