China Resources Beijing Shunyi New City

by Shenzhen Qianxun Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Beijing, a city where even people are in a hurry. With masks of different emotions on the faces of the people on the street, they hurriedly walked and ignored. Ignore the emotions conveyed to us by "Jing". Can it stop? Perceive the surrounding environment, touch it, listen to it, blend into it. The proposition of the project "natural emotions" is therefore determined. This project serves as a landmark of bearing, connection and integration. It is the business card of "contemporary" life, refreshing the face of the city.
The project is located in Shunyi District outside the Sixth Ring Road in the northeast of Beijing, far away from the noise of the urban area, where there is a unique tranquility. Qianxun design creates a sales office for it, with 88 square meters and 115 square meters. With the theme of "natural emotion", it breaks through the boundary of architecture, landscape and interior space, and has this vivid work of perfect combination of Humanities and art.
Sales Office: light and shadow
How to lead visitors into nature? In the design of Suzhou Museum, one of his most beloved works, I.M. Pei, a century old architect, the roof form breaks through the constraints of traditional Chinese architecture "big roof" in terms of lighting. Glass and open steel structure can let the interior borrow a large amount of sky light, creatively integrating museums, ancient buildings and gardens.
The design of the sales office in Shunyi New Town, Beijing, coincides with Pei's idea: in terms of design space, the final perfect state is Trinity, with no boundary among architecture, landscape and interior, and the role of landscape is the same as the link between architecture and interior.
Through the mirror, we can see that the landscape is parallel with time, and the light and shadow change interactively. It is linked with four seasons: early glow in spring, drizzle in summer, fallen leaves in autumn and snow in winter. Time is the most precious, four seasons is the most nostalgic, worthy of people to taste, to feel.

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