Bubbles hidden in space

by Zhikai Lin

Projet Description

The function of the modern traditional show is no longer elegant, and can not fully meet the needs of people's imagination. On the basis of modern traditional show space, designers add art space that can be displayed. More and more show space with self-contained vision, form and function can appear in the vision of future life, melting the dividing point of future fashion and life art.
The designer integrates the display art with the spectators. The so-called "show stage" can't be seen in the space, so that the artwork can be placed everywhere without being specially placed. The model shuttles through the space, and the audience can enjoy the show wherever they are, so as to melt the dull feeling of the old-fashioned life and integrate the space with the audience. Give vitality to performance art with space art.
The installation art of the scheme space takes scattered "bubbles" as the highlight elements of the space, giving visual embellishment. Using new materials with a full sense of future, the mirror like surface imitates the original clarity of the bubble, reflecting the people around and the light and shadow focused up and down, which attracts people. Inside the bubble, it is a miniature display of different exhibitions, which metaphors the beauty of the half covered pipa.
Refining the "wood" in oriental culture in the design of the viewing platform is almost the only implicit expression of Oriental appreciation in this case. It provides the space with flexible enjoyment and becomes a scenery that can not be ignored by the people.
The scattered display layout forms a flexible moving line, and the decentralized commercial moving line strategy runs through the gallery, forming a rich level of space.
This case is a thinking for art. The designer tries to construct a very possible space complex through the changeable and connected thinking of design techniques. It not only controls the metaphors of information changeable show art and commercial culture in an invisible state, but also releases enough artistic innovation. At the same time, the futuristic and artistic space language and mode also make people have a breakthrough interpretation of the display.

Zhikai Lin