Benjamin Color Experience Store

by Hanlei

Projet Description

Color comes from life but life does not leave color. We hope to be different from the traditional color of the wall two-dimensional display techniques, but also refused to put color as a product to unrestrained presentation into space. With the rapid development of today's society, personal scale is constantly squeezed. We hope to bring more expectations for the fragmented lifestyle through color. Therefore, we hope to implant color attributes in the store space to make color three-dimensional. Interpret colors from the perspective of architecture, experience different sensory stimulation and color suggestion brought by colors, and view colors in the state of being wrapped by colors. In the process of design, we found a color theme for the space -- the fantasy forest hopes to distribute colors around this theme, while eliminating the anxiety and squeezing feeling of the fast pace of the city. Bring more relaxed experience environment for consumers.