BeiNuan Puhuang elm flagship store

by Seehance Design

Projet Description

In the rapid and changing society, doors and Windows display shops are filled with a variety of homogeneous space in our life. In this situation, as a brand owned by Shell, Beiwarm doors and Windows has a more forward-looking vision and vision of the team. For this project, Seehance Design‘s exhibition hall is not only a complete product technology, quality, display, sales scenario creation, but also a space bond, create a community for the convenience of service design team hopes to create a debris from noisy cities grow in a quiet corner, there's a lively community scene, neighborhood interaction, sharing life experience.
In the concept of space, Seehance Design will brand doors and Windows products creative interpretation into all kinds of life scenes, so that the exhibition hall is full of imagination, trust and more intimate, the overall presentation in addition to the product life, life art space concept.
In the creation of visual language, Seehance Design based on the abstract artistic expression and theoretical principles of "Kandinsky", bold use of curved elements in the whole space, through the visual induction of points, lines and planes, to create a quiet, elegant and simple art space. The display of products is better integrated into the interior of the overall space. Different from the bright and white sense of the conventional display shop, the warm light combined with the delicate texture of micro cement material makes the space more warm and soft.
In the exhibition hall users feel considerations, stylist in the spatial organization and seek a dialogue relationship, scene exhibit in aquatic tanks increase through the feeling of the space, monomer, green box extend from the entrance to the midfield, with soft film box visual scene images, making another space artistic conception, let the viewer can feel the exquisite and quality of products to a great extent.
In addition to ensuring the necessary display functions of the exhibition hall, Seehance Design also hopes that the city exhibition hall is not only to display products, it may carry more community public attributes and provide more communication scenes between community residents. The designers also make full use of the height of the site, building a mezzanine to separate the relationship between the upper and lower levels, to meet the space needs at the same time, to create a more warm leisure room and shared office area. At the same time, the back yard is integrated into the theme area for community activities and module display and service center. The glass brick curtain wall on the west side scatters sunlight into the space.
After the completion of all the designs, Seehance Design thinks from the perspective of brand operation and combs all the design scenes into replicable modules, including modeling language, material and scale. Provide reference data samples for the expansion of brand exhibition halls in different cities.
The exhibition hall of the flagship store has many functions, covering the integration of functional areas of public areas, scene product exhibition areas and product display walls. After the final implementation, a unified and harmonious overall atmosphere has been formed, which has realized the vision of community in the early stage of the design. It has jumped out from many homogeneous competitive shops, and is also an art exhibition hall tailored for the doors and Windows of Beinuan

Seehance Design

Seehance Design稀罕空间设计是由来自于中央美术学院硕士张栋荣,李阳主理的专业年轻化空间策略解决机构,近年来团队专注于联合办公、文化改造、创意概念店 、高端精品店、陈设设计,强调以功能为前提的新锐视觉主导空间,打造具有强吸引力的空间,帮助企业主提升品牌影响力,致力于成为企业主解决品牌空间问题的稀罕伙伴