Beijing Xiangshan office space


Projet Description

Office in Art Museum
Art is not only the aesthetic belief pursued by artists, but also the soul created by designers for space. The original intention of the design is to create an office space in the art museum. Create a perfect combination of artistic tonality and space comfort, emphasize the interactive relationship between people and art in the space, and explain the owner's artistic feelings with the complementary of space shaping and art installation.
At the entrance of the hall, the background wall gives people a strong sense of visual impact, absorbing the "power" of nature, the collision of cement and wood, simple and elegant fusion. The light echoes with the abstract paintings on the wall. Make full use of natural lighting, make the space appear bright and open, not empty, bring comfort.
Come to the front desk, enrich the environment through the display of art, and enhance people's beautiful creativity in the office space. In the design of the waiting area, soft decoration elements are added to the sharp and rational lines. With bright colors, light is introduced through the windows to create a "temperature" space and arouse different feelings.
In the aspect of vertical transportation, we should make full use of each interface and space, and emphasize the spatial attribute and sense of arrival. The display of artworks breaks the boundary of functional attributes and integrates the office space with the art museum.
The general manager's office on the second floor, with the background of green mountains and trees, and the leisurely wooden tables and seats, is like walking into the elegant and peaceful space-time. And other black and white gray with the formation of warm and cold contrast, creating a dramatic tension of space. By fully integrating the outdoor natural scenery with the indoor space, overlapping each other and whispering intimately, you can capture a wonderful picture full of imagination no matter from any angle.
On the second floor of the conference room, there are round tables and seats, which reveal a relaxed atmosphere. Walking out of the conference room and exploring the art gallery, there seems to be an infinite sense of depth between the strokes of space turning. Solid wall, glass partition, glass window, virtual and real interaction, mutual influence, space between objects flow and contact and produce endless changes. The strong contrast and interaction between the left and right artworks seems to tell an intriguing story.