Bathing in light

by Liu qiang

Projet Description

Transformation requirements:
1. On weekdays and weekends, we will invite friends to our home, hoping to have an open space for many people to get together. 2. The life line is more reasonable. 3. The storage space of the original room is insufficient, and we hope to improve the storage function. 4. Prefer simple and artistic space, hoping to give consideration to both function and viewing experience.
open space
This is a diversified and personalized era. In the past two or three decades, the old three types of sofa, tea table and TV cabinet have been dominating the traditional living room in China. But the pattern and layout concept of home furnishing change with the change of human living habits. So in this set of works, our designers put the communication between family members first, and at the same time take into account the functions of restaurant, projection, reception, learning and so on. No matter how busy they are at work, when they get home, they can get together at a long table and do different things, but when they look up, they can see each other.
Master bedroom
The master bedroom is a private space for husband and wife. The whole space is based on low saturation hue, with black and orange leather bedside and gray bedding, which is fashionable and simple. The good day lighting of large windows creates a clean and warm visual feeling for the interior. Master bedroom in the premise of enough room, we made a whole wardrobe.

Liu qiang