Atomization Office space of Kegao

by Kejiao Wang

Projet Description

We hope that this space can get rid of the shackles of the traditional office, satisfy the function of the space itself, and give infinite vitality to the space through design and creation. It is not only the transformation of the space form, but also the "people" themselves in the space. Everyone in the space is also the creator of the space, and the interaction between the spaces reveals the power of design.
We talk about returning to the essence of space design. The so-called "seeing the essence through the phenomenon" means that the design needs to return to paying attention to the emotional needs of people in the space, especially the office space. The space is based on the modern design method, and the enterprise noumenon: the injection of science and technology and the humanities in the space, to create a very comfortable and inclusive, common office space. A design work with humanistic care, temperature and emotion will evolve into a space in line with the development of the current era in the face of the changes of social form, which is the most solid response of design to space.
Designers try to break through the inherent Boundary Consciousness of science and technology, humanity and nature with comfortable and efficient space perception. Walking between space noumenon and light and shadow, and meticulously realizing environmental protection and future by means of design symbols, the exhibition presents a bold, free, open and flourishing new business form of science and technology office.
"From the designer's point of view, I would like to return to the design itself, refuse excessive stacking, and reconsider the connection between design and people, the connection between people and space." As designer Wang Kejiao said, design from the perspective of humanization and sustainable development will make the design more timely and futuristic, but more stacking, more return to the design itself.

Kejiao Wang