Quiet ·quality

by Shu Weiqian(Sissi Shu)

Project Description

Get rid of all the unimportant things / Christopher Nieman
Nature itself is the purest, true master of design. Different colors, materials and elements, according to the space character and the preferences of the residents, a reasonable choice and appropriate ratio.
Under the basic premise of satisfying the life function, the beauty and depth of the "home" itself are stimulated. Do not say too much, the home is a gentle and firm, calm and calm place.
Inside the space of double carry height, black and white stone material stand opposite, find balance in modern and contracted. The fire in the fireplace is moving slowly, with the annular chandelier of individual character, let the space whole present a tall texture.
The warm and bright sunshine came swaying with the curtains. In addition to meeting friends here, you can also sit quietly, read or meditate, and feel the integration of nature and body and mind, which is also a way to gather and harvest happiness.
With the dining table, the left is the stair area, the right is the open kitchen area. The migration line brought by the round dining table can make the space layout more convenient and reasonable.
Bedroom space geometry top surface adds point line light source, do not have too much furniture and decoration, also can build a rest atmosphere of composed inside collect.
The visual effect of geometric top surface extends all the way to the cloakroom, dot shape and linear light falls, let the space become more delicate and downy.
As the space that daily reading works, the glass material of study ark body is more composed and stable below the foil of lamplight.
Second bedroom suite, difference with the collocation layout of a bed of cabinets, add desk, bookcase and wardrobe, through the invisible door also can be directly inferior to the second bedroom lavatory, foot does not leave the room also can enjoy living experience.

Shu Weiqian(Sissi Shu)

毕业于:南京艺术学院 进修于清华大学(灯光与照明)